Cat Condo Party

RAA volunteers made a small town of cat condos today! We’ll be scattering these throughout the community to help protect cats from the winter wind, cold, and snow! Thank you to everyone who came out for the build and who donated supplies! If you want to see us build MORE cat houses, consider sponsoring a cat house or two on our website!

First step – add the floor and legs so the house doesn’t get wet! Gotta keep those #cats warm during the winter!


This 2-bedroom, 1-bath #cat house with faux marble flooring is a perfect winter starter home for a feral cat family near you! #AdoptDontShop
Then we stuff them full of straw for burrowing and insulation and seal them up to keep out the cold! #AdoptDontShop
Here’s a studio apt model for all of our (neutered!) bachelor #cats! This is a perfect spot for taking a nap & escaping the winter wind!



We’ve got a nice town of cat palaces to hand out around the community! Thanks to our volunteer builders and people who donated supplies!