RAA at the Rockbridge Community Festival

RAA had an amazing day at the Rockbridge Community Festival in downtown11892205_1650719928498927_8685381975359191045_n Lexington. With the proceeds from Two Dogs Wholesome Dog Treats, we were able to purchase food at a fraction of the cost through The Mosby Foundation Food Bank in Verona for our pet food pantry.  We got a lot of exposure for RAA and had a chance to talk with people about our upcoming projects- which will be funded by proceeds from the event.  We raffled off  4 baskets that were filled to the brim with many wonderful items and sold a few Schmitty The 11903924_1650719861832267_4514126309022817131_n 11942149_1650928465144740_9052105948687042414_o11896089_10206464285959380_7662840159022341656_nPitty t-shirts.11816949_1650815738489346_6672451704110750977_n